At ARC Logistics, we’re not only a global partner in the freight forwarding industry. We’re a global citizen as well. In 2005, we joined Plan USA in providing necessities, such as medical care, education and nutrition, to children in the remote corners of the world.

With an extensive network, Plan USA allows us to reach out to these children who have so very little and give them a better way of life. At ARC Logistics, we sponsor 30 children in Ethiopia and four in the Philippines, because we know that the efforts of Plan USA really work. We’ve seen for ourselves the difference that Plan USA is making in the Shebedino District of Ethiopia.

We’ve seen the health facilities, nursery schools, library, science lab and medical training that would not exist without Plan USA. We’ve also seen that there is still a staggering need for education, sustainable livelihoods, clean water and much more in this impoverished district of 200,000. So, we asked the people there ourselves, “What more can we do?”

The answer is livestock. By giving these families an oxen, heifer, goat or chicken, we not only give them a source of food but a possible source of income as well.

We ask you, our friends and associates, to join us in this effort. Please visit our partner page on the Plan USA web site at and make a donation for a farm animal. Your gift of livestock is, essentially, the gift of life for these families.

Plan USA has supported children, along with their families and communities, in overcoming the everyday struggles that threaten their development and their very lives since 1937. We hope you’ll provide your support as well.

Thank you from all of our hearts at ARC Logistics. It’s a big world, and we’re all over it.

To make a donation through ARC Logistics, please click on the Plan USA logo or for more information please contact Janet Trombetti at 1-800-556-7918 or via email at

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Carol's Photo Diary